Quarter Final (Best of 7 Series)

STANDING 2019 (1ST Season)

SherbrookeROSTER 65 37 25 3 228/49 246 77 W1
MedicinROSTER 65 34 22 9 204/42 226 77 L1
SparteROSTER 65 36 25 4 239/58 226 76 UB7
Chrystal LakeROSTER 65 36 26 3 244/43 230 75 W1
PoilutownROSTER 65 36 27 2 235/43 238 74 L1
New-YorkROSTER 65 35 30 0 209/46 265 70 W1
CalgaryROSTER 65 32 31 2 183/37 215 66 UB2
Scared MuffinsROSTER 65 30 31 4 218/35 233 64 L1
MonroeROSTER 65 29 30 5 192/35 228 63 W2
Average Joe'sROSTER 65 28 30 7 200/24 268 63 W1
ValleyfieldROSTER 65 29 33 3 236/44 247 61 L3
MyerstownROSTER 65 24 35 6 188/42 248 54 L1
WimpyROSTER 65 25 37 3 152/37 233 53 L1
SunburyROSTER 65 18 44 3 173/36 263 39 L1

Daily Waiver
  • if your roster has 32 player and over you must waive or send a rookie in the minors
  • if the player on waiver is not a NHL Rookie you must put him on your roster or if it's a Goalie; has 3rd goalie in your minor
  • the team with less Point on the standing at time Limit of a player on waiver gets the Priority Of claim
  • waiver result is always at 4 PM
  • a maximum of 1 player every 24 hours could be Claim by any QHL Teams
  • Waiver
    QHL team Player waived Salary (Millions) Limit: always at 4 Pm Claim By
    Paul Byron 3.2 M December 6th 2019

    For many circonstance, i do have to introduce to the QHL a LUXURY TAX ....
    it wont be a hard salary cap like we see in the NHL but more a Luxury cap like the MLB (that means teams won't necessary have the obligation to waive player if they are over the salary cap

    but a team over the cap on october 1st or get over the salary after a transaction during the season. That Team will have to give up salary every trade,drafting a free agent or claim a player on waiver until they are under the salary cap

    the amouth of salary a Teams will have to give up will depend on how much money they are busting the cap .

    The salary cap room is the average of all 14 teams Payroll . the higher you can go is 130,000,000 and the Floor is set at 90,000,000

    exceding Salary cap
  • 1$ to 19,999,999 must cut 1 Millions of salary every transaction
  • 20,000,000$ to 29,999,999 must cut 2 Millions of salary every transaction
  • 30 millions to 30,999,999 must cut 3 millions of salary every transaction
  • 40 millions to 49,999,999 must cut 4 millions of salary every transaction
  • etc etc

    Example if you acquired a player with a 10 Millions salary and you are 40 millions over the cap you have to give up in the transaction to the other gm at least 14 millions or waive players until you reach 14 millions
    (10 millions for the player plusse 4 millions of penalty = 14 millions)

    if a teams over the salary cap decide to not make any bet for any Free Agent Period ... that team will have to give up a minimum of 2 millions of salary for that free agency period (to force a gm over the cap to remain active)

    Exception: 3rd goalie and all farm team's players (under 25 NHL career game) are not subject to be add on any salary cap

    if your team is between the Floor and the Roof of the salary cap on october 1st you manage your team like you used to be and you have no restriction until you go over the salary cap or even under the floor
    if you are over 60 millions on the salary cap on october 1st, you will have to cut 6 millions every transaction ,until you are under the salary cap (take a look at the table under this text for the situation of your team as it is right now).

    they're will be no change for free agency or waiver and requirement to be a rookie will remain at 25 NHL Games career played

    no restriction for free agency if a teams is under the cap

    2 teams over the salary cap or under the floor won't be able to make any transaction together in any circonstance

    the only change will be when we start to replace UFA at summer time (before it was July 1st) now it will be when will open their site for the upcoming season and if you are over the 130 Millions salary you wont be able to replace a UFA or RFA but you will be able to trade UFA or RFA for Prospect or a pick

    salary cap number will be always determine on october 1st of every NHL season
    if you are under the salary cap on October 1st and you make a trade or sign a free agent or claim a player on waiver that put you over the cap the Luxury Tax will aply right away for your team
    lepool staff are not perfect so if they make an error on player annual salary i will change it my self using capfriendly

    Teams Payroll to be over 90 MILLIONS to be under 130 Millions Penalty for every transaction
    149 MILLIONS 19 M cut 1 Millions every transaction
    134 MILLIONS 4 M cut 1 Million every transaction
    131 MILLIONS 1 M Cut 1 Million
    130 MILLIONS 0.673
    126 MILLIONS ok 4 Millions Flexibility
    123 MILLIONS ok 7 Millions flexibility
    119 MILLIONS ok 11 Millions Flexibility
    127 MILLIONS 0K! 3 Million flexibility
    127 MILLIONS OK! 3 MILLIONS flexibility
    119 MILLIONS OK! 11 Millions flexibility
    118 MILLIONS OK! 12 Millions flexibility
    118 MILLIONS OK! 12 Millions flexibility
    115 MILLIONS ok! 15 Millions Flex
    61 MILLIONS 28 M